About Me

All challenges in life make us grow and each and everyone of us

is carrying a source and the light within to meet them.

 My Journey


On my way to teaching I was fortunate meeting wonderful teachers and people how really encouraged me during my journey.

I started teaching classes of dancing and workout when I was 19 years old, thanks to an amazing studio owner, which saw talent in me and believed in me.

So I first became Group Fitness instructor, then a Pilates Instructor, Kitesurfinstructor and after a lot of years my journey brought me to Yoga.

I first started practicing Power Yoga, in which after a couple of years I made my first Teacher Training.

In my „Waterlovegirl – Kite & Karma Trips“ I combined my passion for Kitesurfing, Yoga and Ayurvedic food from 2011-2016 – until I moved with my family to Spain.

I had a break in teaching when my second daughter came into my life and I was very much involed in family life.

Nevertheless throughout all those years my personal practice became more and more important for my mental and physical health and nowadays I do recognize the importance of it more and more.


wiebke sye

Moving to Tarifa, I found new inspiration in my Yoga journey, when I met my teacher Inga Kreisheimer and practiced and learnd a lot from her.

I have been practicing and studying with her for 2,5 years  – whenever everyday life gave possibility.

So my todays yoga classes are influenced a lot by her „Anusara Yoga Teachings“.
Moving to Portugal in 2020 made another change in my journey and I drifted away from teaching, became contracted in youthcare and started to build my own slow fashion label „MOKSHA“.
After a while I started my journey into ecstatic dance and spiritual movement – a fusion of all the classes I have been teaching bringing mindfullnes into training, entering the heart space in order to live out of the heart. Togehter with my latest facilitator training in Holosomatic Breathwork with Innercamp my Bloomseries Workshop was born and es well the German Online Platform „The Bloomspace“.

Come and join me to dive into your own beauty, to connect with your divine bliss and to feel and embrace the beauty of every moment.

„We are all just walking each other home.“ (Ram Dass)

I love teaching and I love to be a life long student.

In my teaching I focus on beeing gentle but demanding, I will bring you to your personal limits and a bit further – I support you to do it, to make you believe, to grow.

Tarot Wiebke sye

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