A Workshop combining Cacao, Movement, Dance and a holosomatic Breathwork Journey

Breathwork Sessions

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Mindful Movement, Pilates and Yoga

What kind of movement is yours? You like it wild, calm or focus on strengthening?
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Wiebke sye

A Breathwork Session with Me

Breathwork Wiebke

Differences in Breathwork

There are different kinds of Breathwork Sessions I offer you can choose what’s best for your goal and as well for your personal state of being.
Please talk to me if you have any doubts and questions! These are the different Sessions I offer online for groups or 1:1 as well in person.

Psychodelic Breathwork

  • Characteristic: deep relaxing, powerful breathing pattern
  • Goal: Entering your subconscious mind, release stuck energy, pain, trauma, wounds
  • Duration: 90 – 120 Min.
  • Benefits: unblock energy, dissolve trauma, limiting believes, old wounds, heal physical issues
  • Contraindications: see below!

Tantric Breathwork

  • Characteristic: Gentle but energizing breathing pattern
  • Goal: Activating your Kundalini energy, work with your 2nd chakra/lifeforce energy, cleaning the engery centers, open up energy centers, feel lifeforce energy
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Benefits: moving stuck energy, feeling alive, vibrant, increasing creativity, sexual engery, libido, having better and more intense organsms, transforming low vibrating energy into higher vibrations
  • Contraindications: See below

Trauma Release Breathwork

  • Characteristic: Pendulation-Titration-Resourcing, very gentle breathing pattern alternating with resourcing breaks
  • Goal: Releasing trauma from body and mind in a safe and protected space, diving in a very slow and gentle pace into the subconscious
  • Duration: max. 60 Min plus preparation integration
  • Benefits: releasing trauma, living a more liberated life
  • Contraindiations: see below!

„BLOOMSeries“ – All in ONE Session to make you fly



It is a two hour class/Workshop with deep transformational elements to get beyond the liniar mind in order to shake up and release old patterns, getting clearity, coming back to center and back into your own personal flow state.
These sessions always come with a topic, although you will move what needs to be moved internally – all is invation in this practice!
Wiebke and the Co-Hosts will guide you through:

      • Cacao
      • Meditation
      • Yogaflow
      • Spiritual Movement
      • Dance
      • Breathwork (psychodelic)

Every session is different, so be invited to drop out of your mind and into your heart. You find this class at the Algarve with Wiebke and in coloboration with local beautiful souls in Tarifa/Spain and Northern Germany.

For any questions please contact us!

Mindful Movement

Mindful Fitness Wiebke

Mindful Movement combines a strengthening workout including cardio, free dancing, shaking, pilates and yoga with mindfulness. Sounds complex, but it’s pretty easy. Get out of your mind, into your heart and become the observer of your self.
What is it good for?
Instead of identifying with your story,  your complains, your challenges you get the chance to move them through you, get a new understanding of yourself, of your behaviours, your patterns and just by becoming aware of them you get the chance to change, to open up, to rewire your brain. Join Me. This is fun.


Wiebke Sye Pilates

You are more the classy kind of person? Pilates Matwork Training is a very efficient bodywork out training involving stretching and strengthening the bodies deep muscular layer all starting from your core.
This training has been inventet in the 60th by Josef Pilates especially to train dancers in an adaquate way. You will mainly work with your bodyweight and some probs.
A fantastic training with very fast noticable results in body and mind.

Are you ready for this experience? Book a class online or in person!


Yoga Wiebke sye

„There must be Yoga“ a famous Yoga Teacher once said. Next to all other healing and awakening modalities you can choose, Yoga is one of the oldest ones.

Yoga is about awakening. Yoga is about creating a life that brings more beauty and more love into the world.“

John Friend

How many times I have heard the excuse „Oh I am not flexible, Yoga is not or me.“ or „Oh I can’t meditate, I just can’t focus.“

Have you become the best accountant in just one day? Have you become a good surfer in just one day?
Here you go. What’s your excuse now? Yoga is not about getting the perfect aligned Asana done. It is to learn about yourselve on the way. To open up where you are tight on all layers of your being.


Wiebke Sye


The mind is a tricky thing, don’t believe a word it tells you:).

I met Miriam last summer in the north or Portugal where both of us went to follow our kitesurfing heart. That’s where she told me about her Breathwork experiences and since then I am participating regulary in her classes online. On my way of teaching all kinds of movement classes – from pilates, to bodyworkouts, dance and yoga I found the fusion of all of them just so incredible perfect. Moving the body with intention, mindfully with awareness into strength and cardio exercises, letting the music on top take you on your own personal journey into your heart – that’s how Spiritual Movement was born. My ecstatic dance training as well was just the perfect addition to it.
For the shakti dance classes I have been participating in, I prepared Cacao and Meditation here in Portugal whenever I had the chance. This plant medicine is just the perfect combination to take you in to your heart, beyond the liniar mind in order to live out of the heart.


Miriam  РSparkyourFire


Miriam Breathwork

Hanna -Youryogaglow



Killari – Ancestral Dance



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