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Wiebke Sye

Hello and Welcome!

So happy you came along my Site! You will find my Onsite Classes which I am guiding at the Algarve, in Spain and in Germany at the moment, as well as more Information all around my projects and my journey.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question or colaborations.

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There are different kinds of Breathwork Sessions I offer  – you can choose what’s best for your goal and as well for your personal state of being.
Breathwork is a powerful healing method. Depending on the breathwork style you can work on releasing trauma, limiting believes and pain, find stress relief, awaken your kundalini energy or simply activate your body and mind for better performance.
Please talk to me if you have any doubts and questions! These are the different Sessions I offer online for groups or 1:1 as well in person.

Mindful Fitness

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Mindful Movement combines a strengthening workout including cardio, free dancing, shaking, pilates and yoga with mindfulness. Sounds complex, but it’s pretty easy. Get out of your mind, into your heart and become the observer of your self.
Instead of identifying with your story,  your complains, your challenges you get the chance to move them through you, get a new understanding of yourself, your behaviours, your patterns and just by becoming aware of them you get the chance to change, to open up, to rewire your brain.


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Next to all other healing and awakening modalities you can choose, Yoga is one of the oldest ones.

Yoga is about awakening. Yoga is about creating a life that brings more beauty and more love into the world.“

John Friend

How many times I have heard the excuse „Oh I am not flexible, Yoga is not or me.“ or „Oh I can’t meditate, I just can’t focus.“ Have you become the best accountant in just one day?
Here you go. What’s your excuse now? Yoga is not about getting the perfect aligned Asana done. It is to learn about yourselve on the way. To open up where you are tight on all layers of your being.

Wiebke sye


The Bloomseries is an Event of 2-3 hours, combining Cacao & Meditation,
Yogaelements, Spiritual Movement & Dance and Breathwork.

Connect, Restore or Workout with me




Let us grow and heal, so no wounds can manipulate our power anymore.

What students say about my classes



In classes, my „teacher“ quickly connects me with my body and helps me connect myself with movement and posture deeply. With her corrections I advanced a lot in the postures. I love her classes because of the flow, the harmony, the effort, the connection between the body and the energy … I love Wiebke!


I have been joining Wiebke’s Online Classes during the lock down – she  has been an inspiration in theses hard times and her classes and motivation have helped me get through all this.Thanks for all your help and teachings. Hope your classes will restart soon!

I had hoped to be able to get to do some live yoga classes with Wiebke but this is now something I plan on for the future.

However I did join her online classes through lockdown. These hour classes twice a week were a heaven of peace and slef focus withis the craziness. I really loved both the meditation and the yoga. I felt supported in pushing myself & noticed the benefits in my body after only a few sessions. I found that the meditations & Wiebke’s words resonated with me greatly.

Wiebkes calm, supportive & professional manner were always a joy to connect with.